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Google Profile – Personalized URLs and Crawlable Links

Google Profiles are a new and, in my opinion, underused resource. Perhaps you didn’t like it because of the unfriendly URL, but you can now get your very own vanity URL with your Google username.


And wait! What’s that? Adding links? And these links are crawlable?

Google Profile lets you add links with whatever anchor text you decide – and as of right now there is no rel=nofollow attached to those links. They do give you some guidances – “Examples: Online photo albums, social network profiles, personal websites” – as a fallback, I would assume, for those who may will try to manipulate it.

For now, I’ll going to sit back and wait to see how Google Profiles rank, and what kind of link juice their passing along.

  • Jim Abrams says:

    You may not even see this comment since it’s on a post over a year old, but its the only one I thought might have the topic to fit what I am going to ask.

    I almost got caught by the TopSEO’s scam. Well, it doesn’t mean everyone on it is a scammer, but it sure isn’t what a lot of poor folks think.

    I am just a small business starting out, and I am looking for an SEO firm to help me with positioning that is honest, does good work and would be reasonably pleased to do business with me. Where could I find such a firm and be somewhat confident that they were what they say they were.

    Do you have a source to recommend or even a few firms?

    April 2, 2010 at 9:03 am
  • Jim Abrams says:

    I apologize. This is probably not the kind of comment you were looking for on your Blog. Or maybe it is a reasonable topic for a future Blog. Who knows.

    But do forgive me. I saw your name listed so many places in a context that said, “knows the industry and honest”……….. that I kind of horned myself into your blog knowing you wouldn’t post it if you didn’t think it was appropriate AND I just thought, maybe ……… just maybe you would be having one of those days where you would pop me off a reply just for the heck of it. After all, its spring, right. And its Friday.

    April 2, 2010 at 9:10 am

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