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Way to go Winnipeg!

For all the years I lived in Winnipeg, and since then, I was always very cynical about the NHL returning to Winnipeg. Even after last week’s announcement that TNS&E had purchased the Thrashers.

But the challenge of selling 13,000 season tickets was CRUSHED – more than half were sold through presale and the rest sold within 17 minutes of the general sale opening.

CONGRATULATIONS Winnipeg – thank you for proving me wrong!!

Suck it Bettman.

Category: Observations
  • Topher says:

    Why Suck it Bettmna? He all but gave Winnipeg the team after refusing to do interviews in Atlanta and saying it was the Fans fault that the team was leaving not the owners for putting a crapy team on the ice.

    I am sure he love the team up there and will love it when he moves it again he like all the money that he and the owners get in the “relocation” fees that TNS&E have to pay.

    As a Thrashers season ticket holder for the first 7 years they where in Atlanta I blame the Owners and the commissioner for the team leaving.

    June 13, 2011 at 10:43 am

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