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Search Marketing Expo – June 2007

At SES Chicago, Danny announced that his new company, Third Door Media, would be having a search engine conference in June of 2007 – called Search Marketing Expo.

I was really stoked to hear about this until I saw the date – SES Toronto is the following week.  SES Toronto is my best bet at attending conferences in 2007 since it doesn’t require leaving the country, and airfare from Winnipeg to Toronto is fairly reasonable.  Plus I know so many people in that area, I’d probably bypass hotel accomodations for mooching off of family and friends.  I was excited to have my SE friends in my territory, in my home province.

PubCon Wrap Up

It’s Friday night and I’m cursing the fact that I booked myself on the red-eye back to Winnipeg because it’s only 6:00 p.m. but I can’t really go anywhere thanks to needing to be at the airport by 9:00. Most people are still out and about (yeah yeah imagine I’m saying it with the Canadian accent so many people told me I have) and not hanging out in the hotel bar.

What a fantastic week. WebmasterWorld’s PubCon definately has a distinctive taste to it, with many differences as well as similarities to SES. There are many things I loved about both.

PubCon Las Vegas 2006 – Thursday

As it turns out, staying in, relaxing and getting some work done Wednesday was a great move because I woke up Thursday feeling refreshed and raring to go. Danny Sullivan gave the keynote address on Thursday morning and talking about search and where search is heading. I’m going to have to review someone else’s notes on his speech because unfortunately, I was in the back and wasn’t able to see or hear much.

Two Weeks to Vegas

Doesn’t it seem like forever since SES San Jose?

Two weeks from tomorrow I’ll be in Las Vegas, gearing up for another whirlwind week. I’m pumped and ready – I think!

I am looking for a place to stay the night of the 12th, preferrably near the airport. Can anyone recommend a good place? So far it looks like there’s a Best Western and Howard Johnson. I’d like something with a COMPLIMENTARY airport/hotel shuttle, and one that runs all night since I’m getting in later.

The session grid is exciting. Brett Tabke did a great job. So many great keynotes, lots of rather interesting sessions!

Matt Cutts & Lyndsay Walker – BFF

I’m a little late jumping on the “Matt Cutts and I are best friends forever!” bandwagon, but I just got a hold of these pictures taken at the Google Dance and SES San Jose. (Thanks Joe!)

(Disclaimer: I do not personally know Matt Cutts.)

Anywho, yes, as you can see, I was one of the “Cuttlettes” running around the conference. It was a ton of a fun, and at least that night I *knew* why people were pointing and laughing at me! 😉

Last night in San Jose

The conference itself ended yesterday at around 2:00. I ran into Jessica and Sally and we decided to do dinner later.

After a nice afternoon of lounging and trying to hook up with Joe to hang out, Jessica, Sally, and I went to some place that the name escapes me right now, I’ll think of it later I’m sure. We had dinner and hung out at the Mariott for a while. It was nice and we’re all going to try and meet up again in Vegas at PubCon.

SES – Day Four

This morning I went to the Meet the Crawlers sessions – representatives were there from Google, Yahoo and MSN – I think. I walked in a few minutes late and missed the introductions. It was really hard to hear and a lot of the questions weren’t really related to what I am interested in. The entire thing was Q&A.

Only two more sessions to go, and it seems like they might all be Q&A type sessions. I’ve sent text messages to some of the people I met Tuesday night to see what they’re up to today. In hind sight, I could have flown home today instead of tomorrow, but I’m hoping to make the most of the time I have left.