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Matt Cutts & Lyndsay Walker – BFF

I’m a little late jumping on the “Matt Cutts and I are best friends forever!” bandwagon, but I just got a hold of these pictures taken at the Google Dance and SES San Jose. (Thanks Joe!)

(Disclaimer: I do not personally know Matt Cutts.)

Anywho, yes, as you can see, I was one of the “Cuttlettes” running around the conference. It was a ton of a fun, and at least that night I *knew* why people were pointing and laughing at me! 😉

It was a pleasure meeting Matt, though unfortunately I really didn’t get a chance to chat with him as he was busy debating with the MSN guy at the moment.

Some other other really great people I met that I have to mention are…
Jessica Bowman
Joe Morin
David and Sally Burke
Rob Snell
Craig and Juan (sorry guys I forget your last names!)
Bruce Clay
Kid Disco
Adam Lasnik

I fully expect this list to grow with every conference to come. Please stop and say hi if you see me sometime!

I’ll be at PubCon Las Vegas, but am not attending SES Chicago. Hopefully, I’ll make it to SES New York.

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