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SES – Day Three

I didn’t have even one drop of alcohol the night before, but I woke up exhausted and hurting. After a very disappointing breakfast, I wondered down to the talk with Eric Schmidt. It was very hard to hear, but what I did hear was very interesting. Eric talked about privacy, and how Google wants to be trusted and will never willingly or happily hand over search data the way AOL did. Eric talked about the federal subpoena Google fought and eventually won – the federal government had asked for search data and they didn’t get it.

After this session, I dragged my poor beat up body to the Linking Strategies session. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear a lot of the session and will have to go back through the presentation to pick up the things that I missed.

The other sessions I had hoped to attend that afternoon included Buying and Selling Links and the In House Forum. Unfortunately, I missed them both due to illness, and as a result ended up staying in Wednesday night.

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