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Tales of the San Jose Airport

Not really knowing what to expect, I planned to arrive at the airport for my flight home to Winnipeg nice and early.

As the taxi rounded the airport and we passed Terminal 1, the line for Southwest was outrageously long. I’m thinking to myself, WOW am I ever glad I’m three hours early.

But then we got to the United area of Terminal 3 and no one is waiting. Well that’s good anyway.

I cleared security at about 8:30, but the flight doesn’t leave until 10:55. Looooooooong wait. But thankfully I found a seat next to a plug and forked over $10 for Internet access until we depart.

Still have a little more than an hour to go and I am ready for the nice nap I plan to take on the plane. I figure I’ll need the rest for my mad-dash sprint across two terminals at O’Hare. Yipee!!

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