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Two Weeks to Vegas

Doesn’t it seem like forever since SES San Jose?

Two weeks from tomorrow I’ll be in Las Vegas, gearing up for another whirlwind week. I’m pumped and ready – I think!

I am looking for a place to stay the night of the 12th, preferrably near the airport. Can anyone recommend a good place? So far it looks like there’s a Best Western and Howard Johnson. I’d like something with a COMPLIMENTARY airport/hotel shuttle, and one that runs all night since I’m getting in later.

The session grid is exciting. Brett Tabke did a great job. So many great keynotes, lots of rather interesting sessions!

Yes, two weeks indeed. What a long 14 days.

BUT as soon as I get home I’m gonna watch the Winnipeg Blue Bombers claim the Grey Cup right here at home. GO BLUE!

What Google Toolbar PR Update?

Some people reported seeing the Google Toolbar PageRank updating as early as Friday, and Matt has confirmed it on his blog today.

But I see nothing. Now that’s frustrating. If you’re gonna “push the big red button”, why not implement the update across all datacenters? What’s the point of only doing a few at a time – or only a few and that’s it?

Now, I’ve been at this game long enough to know that TBPR doesn’t mean too much in the grand scheme of things, but its nice to know that my link structure is being appreciated. Is that so much to ask?