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Appreciation of some fabulous people

Here’s my shout out to some awesome people that I encountered during my week at WebmasterWorld’s PubCon Las Vegas 2006.

Dan Thies – Dan, you’re still a nice guy 😉 But it was great seeing you again.
Dustin Woodard (a.k.a. Web Connoisseur) – It was awesome to meet you, and thanks for taking care of Sally at the Playboy Club.
Colin McDougal – I know we only spoke for a few minutes, but it was great to talk to a fellow Canuck – Go Lions! (for Sunday anyway – I don’t want anyone to think I’m no longer a huge Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan)
Shirley Tan – Shirley, you make me smile and perk up just by being your bubbly self. Can’t wait to meet up again.
Matt Tuens – My sports buddy!! Loved chatting about the NHL and was really impressed by your knowledge of the CFL and the Grey Cup.
John Marshall – I think one of my favourite PubCon moments was dinner on Tuesday night. If you’re ever in Ontario, let me know and I’ll take you on a wine tour of the Niagara Region.
Craig Paddock – Boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl. Got it. Though I think you really just wanted to sit in between Sally and Jessica in the limo! Sorry I didn’t get a chance to see you before you left.
Rob Snell – Rob, you were probably my greatest inspiration this entire week and I am so thrilled to have gotten to know you. I’ll be looking for the double-wide spam trailer next time I’m in the south.
Jessica Bowman – Thanks a million for sharing your hotel room with me – I had a blast. We managed to have enough hot water for both of us in the morning, and even kept a few inches of counterspace available in the bathroom. It’s a miracle! Good luck with, I know you’ll do fantastic.
Dave and Sally Burke – You guys just rock my world, there’s no other way to put it. Thank you for everything you did for me this week, it will not be forgotten. Even if you guys don’t make it to Winnipeg for the Grey Cup on Sunday, you know you’re welcome to come visit any time.
Joe Morin – Joe, you are THE MAN. I had an absolute blast this week, thank you for all you’ve done for me – including finishing my drink that apparently has a completely different meaning in the USA than it does in Canada. I’ll always remember the bath tub in your suite (and please, send me a link to the photo so people don’t think I’m totally crazy!).

I probably missed a few, I apologize if I did. I met a lot of great people, and missed out on meeting other great people. Next time!

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