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PubCon Las Vegas 2006 – Wednesday

Now, someone please tell me about the curse of Wednesdays. Just like in San Jose, I wake up Wednesday barely able to function. I did miss John Bataille’s keynote, however had a very pleasant conversation with Shirley Tan and Jeannine Crooks at the breakfast table.

To give you an idea of how out of it I was that day, I just had to go look at the session grid to remember what session I attended. Oh yes, I attended “What Every Webmaster Should Know” – a taste of programming and how it can and should be implemented, as well as the Search Bloggers panel. Rand Fishkin, also known as SEOmoz, cracks me up. I had the pleasure of meeting him in the hotel bar the night before, where he informed everyone of their blog’s Technorati ranking. My blog, of course, not exactly a top 10 (times 1000) blog, but now I didn’t have the opportunity to appeal to an audience of 2000 for a link the way Guy did. Good times, good times.

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