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dmoz returning from the grave

After a few months of being in a complete coma-induced state, dmoz appears to be showing signs of life.

Now, it’s only the Editor’s Section that’s back online, but submissions should be soon to follow, right?  I don’t mind that the editors have some time for theirselves first.  Clear out some old crap, some of those submissions that have been sitting in the queue for probably close to year, maybe even more.  Or hey – wipe out existing pending submissions altogether and start with a clean slate.

But the question remains – what kind of credibility will dmoz even have after such a long absense?  Do webmasters and SEOs even bother attempting to submit anymore?  Everyone knows that dmoz can be a game of “who you know and how much you pay them”.  Will we see some changes in the ODP world?

Blog Tag – 5 Things About Lyndseo

Seven days ago, Jeff Puvler started the SEO Blog Tag game. Dazzlin’ Donna has tagged me, so here we go! Five things you didn’t know about me – Lyndsay Walker.

  1. I have a huge crush on Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts. The irony is that only 18 months ago, I didn’t even know what a “down” was, and now I’m a huge football fan.
  2. I HATE snow and cold. And yet I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba – also known as “Winterpeg“. What’s that? It’s -40? What else is new. I was born and raised in the Niagara Falls, Ontario area though – I sure miss their winter climate.
  3. I can solve the rubix cube in about 2 minutes or so.
  4. I listen to country music almost exclusively. George Strait, Gary Allen, Toby Keith. My second choice of music would be 80s hair rock – Metallica, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, etc.
  5. I’m a big Toronto Maple Leafs fan (ducks from all the flying objects being flung)

Sorry that’s not a more exciting list. If I think of something REALLY juicy… um… yeah right, you’ll be the first to know… hahaha

Okay now, who to tag??

Dustin Woodard (Web Connoisseur), Dan Thies, Rob Snell, Colin McDougal, and Kid Disco

You’re it!

Search Marketing Expo – June 2007

At SES Chicago, Danny announced that his new company, Third Door Media, would be having a search engine conference in June of 2007 – called Search Marketing Expo.

I was really stoked to hear about this until I saw the date – SES Toronto is the following week.  SES Toronto is my best bet at attending conferences in 2007 since it doesn’t require leaving the country, and airfare from Winnipeg to Toronto is fairly reasonable.  Plus I know so many people in that area, I’d probably bypass hotel accomodations for mooching off of family and friends.  I was excited to have my SE friends in my territory, in my home province.

June is still six months away, so there’s lots of time to find out more about Search Marketing Expo.

Six months.  Wow.  Maybe the snow will be gone by then.

What a Super Proposal!

So, I’m a football fan. Moreso of the Canadian Football League, but this year I’ve definately been getting into the NFL quite a bit more.

I’m reading about this guy, JP, who is trying to raise money to buy a 30 second ad during the SuperBowl to propose to his girlfriend. Now, let’s be fair here. JP is his alias – obviously, this is creating buzz and he doesn’t want his girlfriend to find out. Certainly JP could be just about anyone right?

Could it be my boyfriend? As I pondered the thought… outloud apparently… my friend Joe was quick to tell me that no, JP was not Canadian and the proposal was not for me. Drat.

But what a fantastic idea!! What girl wouldn’t melt at the thought of being proposed to on television – in front of millions of viewers for the low low cost of $2.5 million? Wow that better be a sweet ring for this kind of attention!

It gets better. The money that JP raises is going to the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.

To some it up, you’ve got a sweet, romantic kid with a huge heart. Any girl would be lucky to have such a guy.

Join me in supporting JP by visiting his site at