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Search Marketing Expo – June 2007

At SES Chicago, Danny announced that his new company, Third Door Media, would be having a search engine conference in June of 2007 – called Search Marketing Expo.

I was really stoked to hear about this until I saw the date – SES Toronto is the following week.  SES Toronto is my best bet at attending conferences in 2007 since it doesn’t require leaving the country, and airfare from Winnipeg to Toronto is fairly reasonable.  Plus I know so many people in that area, I’d probably bypass hotel accomodations for mooching off of family and friends.  I was excited to have my SE friends in my territory, in my home province.

June is still six months away, so there’s lots of time to find out more about Search Marketing Expo.

Six months.  Wow.  Maybe the snow will be gone by then.

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