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What a Super Proposal!

So, I’m a football fan. Moreso of the Canadian Football League, but this year I’ve definately been getting into the NFL quite a bit more.

I’m reading about this guy, JP, who is trying to raise money to buy a 30 second ad during the SuperBowl to propose to his girlfriend. Now, let’s be fair here. JP is his alias – obviously, this is creating buzz and he doesn’t want his girlfriend to find out. Certainly JP could be just about anyone right?

Could it be my boyfriend? As I pondered the thought… outloud apparently… my friend Joe was quick to tell me that no, JP was not Canadian and the proposal was not for me. Drat.

But what a fantastic idea!! What girl wouldn’t melt at the thought of being proposed to on television – in front of millions of viewers for the low low cost of $2.5 million? Wow that better be a sweet ring for this kind of attention!

It gets better. The money that JP raises is going to the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.

To some it up, you’ve got a sweet, romantic kid with a huge heart. Any girl would be lucky to have such a guy.

Join me in supporting JP by visiting his site at

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