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What will the web look like in 2010? 2015?

Social media has been around for a while now, but with sites like MySpace and Facebook, we’ve seen a real increase in Web 2.0 in the past 18 months.

Which begs the question – what will the web look like in the next 5-10 years?

Now, think back 5 years.  What were you doing on the web?  Me, I was all about message boards and updating my sites on Geocities.  I think by that time it was Yahoo! Geocities.  But I couldn’t imagine seeing videos and other streaming media becoming a staple on many web pages.  Forms of blogging were around, Live Journal was the big one.  But the word “blog” certainly wasn’t a household name.

When I think about what’s sure to become big in the next 10 years, I automatically go to video.  Of course, video already plays a big role in Web 2.0.  How will we use it in Web 3.0?  Web 4.0?  What kinds of interactivity will we be looking at?

And with the potential for all this new media to develop – how will it influence SEO?

A Break from Blogging

Well, I never really professed that I was the best at keeping up with blogging, but I admit that 2007 hasn’t been the best year for keeping Lyndseo up-to-date. So what’s been happening?

In February, I accepted a position with WestJet , Canada’s leading low-cost airline. I was brought on to coordinate all the web analytics and SEO efforts, a job no one had done before.

Combined with jumping into the deep end of a very deep pool at WestJet, I began commuting from Winnipeg to Calgary, where WestJet’s offices are. For those not too familiar with Canadian geography, Calgary is 1,370km (850 miles) west of Winnipeg. Doesn’t make for too friendly of a daily commute, so I began living in Calgary during the week, and Winnipeg on the weekends. As fall approaches, my fiance and I are almost finished with our very slow and painful move to Alberta. I am here full time now, with Dave to follow after the September long weekend. He is the Web Programmer for Naylor Publications in Winnipeg, and he will continue his work in Calgary.

In June, I spoke on the SEO Don’t, Myths, and Scams panel at Search Engine Strategies Toronto. I feel it went well and am excited about my next speaking engagement – WebmasterWorld’s PubCon; located in Las Vegas from December 4-7.

So please keep tuned… as life starts to settle (or does it ever really?) I hope to keep this blog updated much more frequently.