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PubCon Las Vegas 2007 – Week in Review

What an incredible week. One of the most exciting, and also one of the most tiring!

One of the highlights of the week were the shows that Joe Morin arranged for PubCon attendees. I attended Mystere at Treasure Island and Blue Man Group at the Venetian. Both were outstanding shows, but I would have to say that Mystere was better. I did enjoy Blue Man Group, but I found the first hour to be a little slow going. The last 45 minutes, however, was phenomenal and certainly made up for any shortcomings.

I did manage to get to a few sessions – I admit, I spent most of the time networking. I sat in on the Duplicate Content session, where advises you to strip session IDs with robots.txt while Google says to leave them in. Another tip that Google gave is to use absolute URLs in your links so that if your content gets scraped or syndicated, the links still bring people back to your site. It was also suggested to use robots.txt to block RSS feeds, avoid another source of dup content. Yahoo! reminded everyone that Site Explorer has a tool that will rewrite dynamic URLs.

Next I hit the In-House Session – featuring my good friend Jessica Bowman of SEM In-House (and Yahoo!). She talked about the different kinds of allies you can have in house – informers and influencers. She recommends asking more than giving advice, and preparing an “SEO 101” presentation to give to everyone! This includes knowing the difference between a 301 and 302 redirect.

Bill Macaitis from Fox Interactive Media gave his Top 10 Tips for In-House SEO:

  1. Definite opportunity
  2. Small wins (like starting with Title and Description)
  3. Sell to all stakeholders
  4. Find allies
  5. Money words (say what the execs want to hear)
  6. Face to face
  7. Relationship management
  8. Ranking reports
  9. Bring out the competitor
  10. Accept no excuses.

Aaron Shear was also on the panel. He emphasized knowing your KPIs and using data – it can be your best friend. He noted that Commission Junction gives really unfriendly linking. He also talked about getting into the SEO forums but not to let your management browse them – they’ll be sure to pick up all the bad advice and ask you to implement it.

In the Analytics session, John Marshall went through the anatomy of a click. This was very interesting to me, as we are currently investigating discrepancies between Google AdWords reporting and Omniture reporting. All of the sudden, it makes a lot more sense. Scrott Orth also talked about Analytics Simplified.

More on my week at PubCon later!

(But before I go… some link love to the coolest guy in Kansas City)

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