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SEO – or Search Engine Optimization – on business card?

It’s about time for me to order business cards again, and this time I want to stray from my OFFICIAL title of “Web Business Coordinator” and go with something that better describes my actual role with WestJet, which is Web Analytics and SEO Coordinator.

Here’s my thing.  That’s a long title if I spell out “Search Engine Optimization”.  Web Analytics and Search Engine Optimization Coordinator.  Or Search Engine Optimization and Web Analytics Coordinator.

So if I go with “Web Analytics and SEO Coordinator”, will people know what SEO means?  When I think back to who I’ve given my card to in the past year, most were at conferences I’d say.  But am I just confusing those who don’t know the lingo?

Hey FlightStats – great customer service!

Not three hours after I posted last month about the incorrect spelling of WestJet in Google’s flight tracking (supplied by I received an email from Conducive Technology Corp’s CEO Jeff Kennedy. He stated that the spelling error had been corrected and would be updated within a few hours.

Actually for a few days the actual word “WestJet” didn’t show up at all, but now I am pleased to say that WestJet is spelled correctly in Google’s FlightStats results.

Thanks to Jeff and the FlightStats team for doing what more people should – watching the web and blogs for any mention of their company name, and going into action when something needs to be done.

iPhone coming to Canada?

I know, it’s a blog post that’s been seen so many times since Apple announced plans to release the iPhone, what I guess about two years ago now?  Such blog posts have contained hopes, dreams, and really nothing more than rumours.

Perhaps this is just another one, but several reputable news sources here in Canada (including the National Post) have reported that maybe, just MAYBE Steve Jobs of Apple will announce to all of Macworld that Apple and Rogers Communications will have finally struck a deal, bringing the iPhone to Canada.