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iPhone coming to Canada?

I know, it’s a blog post that’s been seen so many times since Apple announced plans to release the iPhone, what I guess about two years ago now?  Such blog posts have contained hopes, dreams, and really nothing more than rumours.

Perhaps this is just another one, but several reputable news sources here in Canada (including the National Post) have reported that maybe, just MAYBE Steve Jobs of Apple will announce to all of Macworld that Apple and Rogers Communications will have finally struck a deal, bringing the iPhone to Canada.

Being a Rogers customer, who has 1.5 years of a contract under her belt, this is especially good news.  I love my Treo 650, but I’ve dropped it more than once (okay more than 5 times really) not to mention its pretty bulky so I’m ready for a new toy.  I spent the last two months working for Bell (one of three big cellular carriers in Canada).  Lots of cool toys there too, but Bell works on the CDMA network while Rogers is GSM (like the iPhone).

What will happen?  Well the keynote starts in less than 3 hours.  I guess I’ll either be following up with a “SQUEE” post or a “fooled again” post.

Here’s hoping Lyndseo will be holding an iPhone sooner rather than later.

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