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Corporate Culture – Is it important?

I’ve worked in a wide variety of industries since getting my first job as a dishwasher in a Niagara winery at 15. I’ve seen great management, poor management. Companies of 10,000+ employees, companies of 4-5 employees.

Moving into the new millennium, the buzz words “corporate culture” became more prominent. Now, maybe it just seems that way to me as I finished up with my post-secondary education in 2003, but as I looked at various companies, many seemed to tout their fantastic corporate culture.

PubCon Las Vegas 2008 – Come and Gone

Another fabulous week in fabulous Las Vegas.

Once again, I spoke on the “SEO Design and Organic Structure” panel with Mark Jackson, Alan K’Necht and Todd Friesen keeping us all in line as moderator. This year, Aaron Wall joined us on our panel. The session looked at things at a pretty high level, but I think we were able to give some valuable tips. The session room was full, and I saw more people coming in than going out. Always a good sign!

I’ll post my presentation and more details about it shortly.