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Google Profiles and the Business Owner

Not that long ago, if you were fooling around in your Google account settings, you probably noticed the option to create a profile.

This is interesting because it not only lets you add tons of information about yourself, essentially creating a personal web site for you, but it is also crawled and indexed. What does that mean? It means if you set up a Google Profile with your name, it will appear in the search results if you search for your name.

Check out my Google Profile – Lyndsay Blahut to see what I’m talking about.

Why not create a Google Profile for your business? You’ll need to sign up for a Google Account if you don’t already have one. When you select your username, be strategic – it becomes part of the URL for your Google Profile.

Give it a try, and watch the traffic roll in.

Google Profile – Personalized URLs and Crawlable Links

Google Profiles are a new and, in my opinion, underused resource. Perhaps you didn’t like it because of the unfriendly URL, but you can now get your very own vanity URL with your Google username.


And wait! What’s that? Adding links? And these links are crawlable?

Google Profile lets you add links with whatever anchor text you decide – and as of right now there is no rel=nofollow attached to those links. They do give you some guidances – “Examples: Online photo albums, social network profiles, personal websites” – as a fallback, I would assume, for those who may will try to manipulate it.

For now, I’ll going to sit back and wait to see how Google Profiles rank, and what kind of link juice their passing along.

Words That Work

In a world where it’s all about ME, it’s easy to fall into that type of advertising too.

*I* can do this.
*We* sell this product.
*Our company* offers this service.

No, no, no. Want to know a great word that works? YOU.

Who do you think a customer really cares more about? You or themselves? Of course, they’re looking for something (or maybe not actively looking, and you want to grab their attention) for themselves. Unless you have a really strong brand or some really loyal customers, it’s likely that the average person cares more about themselves than whatever it is you or your company does.

Keep that in mind the next time you’re writing some ad copy, working on a PPC campaign, or even working on the content for your site. Then, watch your conversions go up.