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SMX Advanced and SES Toronto

It was a bit odd at first to go from traveling somewhere almost every weekend to not going anywhere in three months. I admit, it’s been nice, but I’m feeling the itch to get out out of Winnipeg lately!

Good thing it’s almost June. I’m attending back to back conferences next week. From June 2-3, it’s Search Marketing Expo Advanced in Seattle and from June 8-9, it’s Search Engine Strategies in Toronto.

SMX Advanced will be a big change from what I’m used to at conferences. For one, there are four of us sharing a suite. Will there be sleep? Ha, I would guess not. Pillow fights in our underwear? Well I don’t want to crush anyone’s dreams, so I won’t comment. Haha. But for the first time in a while, I’m not speaking at the conference I’m attending. I think this will take off a lot of pressure and I can just sit back and absorb the info. Given that this is an advanced show, I felt that was extra important.

And, as usual, I’ll be speaking at SES Toronto. This time I’m speaking on a site clinic. This is awesome because I won’t have to prepare a presentation. Plus I love doing site audits! The best part about SES Toronto is that it’s TORONTO. Home. Oh, sweet home. I will take in every siren, horn honking and close call with a taxi.

If you’re going to be at either of these shows, be sure to come on up and say hi!

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