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Two new search engines on the horizon – look out Google

For many, many years, Google has had a strangle hold on the search engine market, accounting for at least 60% of market share worldwide. Many other search engines have come and gone, all with the intention of taking that market share away. Not surprisingly, no one has yet succeeded.

However, there are two upcoming search engines that could change everything.

Announced on March 5, 2009, Wolfram Alpha is calling itself a “computational knowledge engine”. What does that mean?? It means it’s taken the technologies that search engines like Google have made and is taking them to a new level by implementing a whole new kind of search technology.

Twitter’s making an algorithm! A wise move by this very fast growing social networking site. Already, many people are turning to Twitter Search for their search queries. The benefit of doing this is finding the most recent information related to the keyword you’ve searching for, posted by people are are conversing about the topic. If Twitter can pull this off, they can become the next big power house.

Keep your eyes open, I think it’s going to be a very exciting time.

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