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Friday Afternoon

It’s 4:30 on Friday afternoon… about to close out a beautiful week of weather here in Winnipeg. Except that it’s pouring rain right now. I suppose we were due. Too bad though, I was hoping to try out my new roller blades this afternoon.

I’m posting on a new blog – The Tipping Glass. It’s a fun place of random posts with a few bursts of pure inspiration. Go check it out.

Another place I’m blogging regularly is at the Canada’s Web Shop Blog. No real surprise there since I’m the Director of Online Marketing.

My blogging schedule slipped as I haven’t written for Search Engine Journal in several weeks. I must get back to doing that.

It’s all so odd given that I’ve always emphasized that I’m NOT a writer – I’m a numbers girl. But that’s okay, I write these posts, encourage others to as well, and then I get to be all giddy over all the analytics.

I’m such a nerd. And that’s my Friday afternoon.

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