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Learning From the Best

This week, I had the pleasure of attending Search Marketing Expo’s Advanced conference in Seattle. I always enjoy meeting new people and catching up with old friends I’ve met over the years. Every time, I’m reminded how great it is to be in an industry with so many brilliant minds. Brilliant minds that I get to pick no less!

The sessions are always jam packed with fantastic information, but I really enjoy meeting the people face-to-face and talking about the issues. It’s important to hear other options and suggestions as it really challenges the way you yourself interpret things.

Speaking at conferences is a great way to communicate as well. Next week, I’ll be speaking on a site clinic panel at Search Engine Strategies in Toronto. I’m looking forward to seeing other other companies are doing with their web sites. I’m sure I’ll learn just as much as I recommend.

Search conferences aren’t always for everyone. But if you’re ever looking for an online marketing company, see how they participate in conferences. Do they attend? Great! Do they speak? Even better! Knowing that your agency participates in search conferences means knowing that the agency has an inside track to the most valuable information and resources.

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