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The Truth about Google PageRank

Whether you know a little or a lot about search engine optimization, chances are you know about Google PageRank. And, depending on how new you are, you probably use it as a real gauge for evaluating other sites.

PageRank indicates how Google views the importance of a page. It looks at the number and quality of links pointing to a certain page. Consider these “votes” to a page. The more votes, especially from pages that already have a high PageRank score. PageRank is scored on a scale of 0-10, 10 being the highest.

Canada's Web Shop's PageRankLearning your PageRank is as “easy” as installing the Google Toolbar and enabling the PageRank feature. Here’s the problem though. Google Toolbar PageRank (TBPR) is not an accurate representation of actual PageRank. While PR is updated on an ongoing basis, TBPR is only updated a couple of times per YEAR. This makes the number quite unreliable. There’s really no easy way to know if the number you see in the toolbar is a couple of days old or a couple of months old.

Despite this being very public information, many people still suffer from “green pixel envy”. It’s important to note that TBPR is not worth stressing over. Particularly for new sites – just like it can take several months to see any rankings, it can take several months to see any TBPR.

Be kind when looking at other sites. If the toolbar says the PR is 0, it’s probably not true. Take a few extra moments to look at the quality of the site itself.

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