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Nice to meet you Microsoft Bing. BING!

bing-logoAbout six weeks ago, Microsoft launched their new search engine – Bing. Well, okay, I don’t know if I can really say NEW. It’s actually Microsoft’s third attempt at a search engine.

Bing will be replacing Live search, and that process is almost complete. So far the reviews have been very positive. Less spam, more targeted results, great universal search options.

If you haven’t had a chance to try Bing, I highly suggest you do so. It will definitely be interesting to watch how Bing’s market share will inevitably grow.

In the meantime, check out my interview from SMX Advanced in June.

Twitter Trends

twitter-trending-topicsTwitter is such a fantastic tool for a wide variety of reasons. Today I want to focus on trending topics.

On the right side bar of Twitter, Trending Topics list ten words or phrases that are currently the most commonly mentioned on Twitter. The image to the right is a screen cap I took of the Trending Topics around 11:00 am CDT today, Tuesday, July 7 2009. As you can see, five of the ten topics that are trending are related to Michael Jackson’s memorial that is taking place today.

One topic that’s been popping up recently is the election in Iran. Even weeks later, it’s still a hot topic being discussed on Twitter.

A lot of times, you’ll see a trending topic as a result of a major viral campaign. For example, Moonfruit, a web design builder, is currently in the middle of a promotion where they will give away one MacBook Pro per day for ten days. How do you enter? Simply tweet and include the hashtag #moonfruit. All week I’ve been seeing #moonfruit in the trending topics – but today is a special day with Michael Jackson’s memorial and therefore it is not currently appearing.

Trending topics can also be seen as a news source. Top news stories are talked about, and most certainly talked about on Twitter. In fact, many stories break on Twitter and are trending before traditional media news outlets even start reporting on them. If you want to be ahead of the crowd and get the scoop, keep an eye on Twitter’s trending topics.

So if you see something that catches your eye on Twitter’s trending topics, a simple click will take you to the search results for that term. Be prepared though – there are often hundreds of updates per second on the most popular trends.