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Make Your Site the Backbone of Your Marketing Campaign

kings-head-billboard-winnipegAs I drove home from work the other day, I noticed a new billboard advertising one of my favourite pubs here in the city. There really aren’t that many great places to go here in Winnipeg so I was thrilled to see them putting some dollars into a marketing campaign.

The billboard is eye catching, as it certainly caught my eye. Immediately I noticed that aside from a general “King Street of course!” (I guess people are to assume this is the street the pub is located) they’re advertising their web site. Awesome, I love it.

The Search Engines Remember 9/11

On major days in history, and even many not-so-major, the search engine often commemorate by changing their logos or backgrounds.

Today, on the eighth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, Bing and Ask have changed their home pages.


Yahoo! is without any significant remembrance. The top stories include President Obama’s first 9/11 anniversary and some other anniversary stories, but that’s about it. G

Google has also not changed its look for today. However, Google typically reserves logo changes for happier and lighthearted occasions.

Hey Air Travellers – Keep Your Shoes On

shoes-largeHey good news for those who travel by air frequently, or even infrequently! Canadian Air Transport Security Authority issued a bulletin to front-line officers outlining the new policy.

Security officials can no longer require you to remove your shoes before passing through the metal detectors. This means no more scrambling to get your shoes off while holding up impatient people in line behind you. No more embarrassment over your mismatched socks or socks with the big hole that your toe pokes out of.

One exception and this should come as no shock to anyone – passengers heading to the United States. The standards set by Washington overrule the new Canadian policy.