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Hey Air Travellers – Keep Your Shoes On

shoes-largeHey good news for those who travel by air frequently, or even infrequently! Canadian Air Transport Security Authority issued a bulletin to front-line officers outlining the new policy.

Security officials can no longer require you to remove your shoes before passing through the metal detectors. This means no more scrambling to get your shoes off while holding up impatient people in line behind you. No more embarrassment over your mismatched socks or socks with the big hole that your toe pokes out of.

One exception and this should come as no shock to anyone – passengers heading to the United States. The standards set by Washington overrule the new Canadian policy.

Another exception occurs after a passenger has set off the metal detectors. At this point, the passenger can be requested to remove his/her shoes.

Passengers can still voluntarily remove their shoes. In fact, that’s what I’ll be doing since I often wear steel toed boots. If I know my boots are going to set off the metal detectors anyway, I might as way save everyone some trouble and remove them right off the bat.

This policy is effective immediately, though won’t be in the operating manual until the next edition is released.

Here’s hoping this will lead to a little more fluidity and a little less pain next time you’re travelling through a Canadian airport.

Information from: Yahoo! Canada News.

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