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Poor Online Reputation Management

If you read my earlier post about the implications of not having done search engine optimization, you’re familiar with my anecdote about looking for an auto body shop to fix my car.

I did want to look into the franchise shop I mentioned, Boyd Autobody. So, I did a search in Google and here’s what came up.

Body Autobody Search Results

Wait, what?

Boyd AutobodyYikes!!

Well it is obvious to me that the people behind Boyd Autobody and Glass Sucks have a much better handle on search engine optimization and online reputation management than the real Boyd Group does. I mean, wow, look at the domain they have!! That’s the domain I would expect the real Boyd Group to be using primarily, given the lovely keywords within it. In fact, when I first did the search, I actually looked at the URL before the title or description. I almost clicked on that link when I noticed the word “sucks”.

So, a few points.

  1. Boyd Group, how can you let a domain like go? Flex your trademark rights and go get it.
  2. What is the likelihood that the Boyd Group even knows this site exists? Probably pretty good. However, they either don’t care or don’t know what to do to fix it.
  3. The date in the title tag? Really? What a waste (okay that isn’t really on topic but it bugs me)

A little online reputation management goes a long way. Boyd has a ton of options if they want to remedy this situation. They can get the domain from these people or they can hire a company to handle their online reputation management and work their SEO to get that site pushed down.

Either way, acknowledge what’s happening. It reflects very poorly, with an air of “I don’t care.”

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