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Social Segregation Online

Social Segregation OnlineI think I’m becoming a social media snob.

Thanks to the power of Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites, I feel pretty confident that I’m hearing about the latest world news and pop culture.

Take yesterday for example. From the moment I started watching the live stream of #balloonboy. I watched the live stream, I watched people talking on Twitter about it, I looked into the links talking about the “science-obsessed family” who had recently appeared on the TV show Wife Swap. I didn’t watch Larry King, but I was on Twitter to watch thousands of people start tweeting “OMG did you hear balloon boy say it was all for the show”. This morning I watched the discussion and videos of #balloonboy vomiting twice during live interviews.

So by time lunchtime rolled around and someone said “did you hear about the kid and the balloon yesterday” I wanted to roll my eyes because, not even 24 hours after the incident started, I’m already sick to death of hearing about it.

The world moves fast, and the online world even more so. The ability to have a “small talk” conversation with anyone is changing because of the availability of real-time information. What is new news to one person is old news to another.

This may result in a whole new type of social segregation. Not based on race or gender – it’ll come down to who is socially aware online and who is not.

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