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My Favourite Charity: Winnipeg Humane Society

PurposeInc Charity Poker TournamentI enjoy playing poker and this year I want to give PurposeInc’s Poker Tournament a shot.

DK is an awesome guy and has asked that, as a mandatory part of registration, players and guests blog about their charities of choice.

There are so many wonderful charities out there. So many causes and organizations have touched my life. Those charities and organization save lives every day, though breast cancer research, diabetes research, children’s hosiptal donations and more. My charity also saves lives, in a most different way.

My charity of choice is the Winnipeg Humane Society. Not only is my company, Canada’s Web Shop, a WHS supporter but we also are redesigning and rebuilding their web site with new features that will make it even easier for people to adopt a pet, become a foster parent or donate to help the WHS keep up with the growing expenses of more and more animals in their care.

Thsoe who know me know that I am a massive animal lover and if I could, I would probably become a crazy cat lady. I donate regularly to the Winnipeg Humane Society and as soon as I’m back from PubCon Las Vegas, I’m hoping to adopt a second kitty.

Every month, hundreds of dogs, cats and other animals are turned into the humane society. Every month, not nearly enough find homes. And every month, the Winnipeg Humane Society struggles to find room for these animals that just so desperately want forever homes.

Pets can save lives. For those suffering from depression, a pet can make the difference between life and death. I know that for myself, my kitties have helped me through my darkest times. Having a furry friend that gives unconditional love can lift people from depression and even suicidal thoughts.

If you can’t adopt a pet for yourself, please consider donating to your local humane society.

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