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New Google Feature – Skip Intro

Happy Black Friday!

This morning, I found something in the Google results pages that I’d never seen before. It’s a “Skip Intro” option.

Google's "Skip Intro" Feature

This is great news if you’re like 99% of web searchers out there who can’t be bothered to sit through a flash movie before getting to a site. Now, you can bypass the intro movie/song and go straight to the information.

It looks like Googlebot is looking for a link with the anchor text being something like “Skip Intro” and feeding that into the results.

I still maintain that there are very, very few good reasons to have a movie intro to a site (and music on the site… at all. Period.) but while people still insist on it, at least searchers have the option to bypass it all together.

This is also good news for the stubborn site owner who doesn’t want to get rid of their intro movie. Any online marketer will tell you that the more times you make a visitor click to find what he/she is looking for, the more opportunity that visitor has to bail on your site all together. Even if you have a “Skip Intro” link on your site, it’s still an extra click the visitor has to make to get to the content. And many times, with the distraction of music all of the sudden blaring, many people won’t even look for that Skip Intro link and leave you site, screaming and running for the hills.

So here’s my conclusion – get rid of all music on your site, particularly music that automatically plays. Get rid of the intro movie pages as well. But if you simply MUST have the intro page, make sure to include a “Skip Intro” link – not only will your visitors have an out, the search engines are giving them an opportunity to skip it straight from the results pages.

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