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Win an Apple iPad by Playing RavenHunt by Raven Tools!

Last month, Raven Tools launched a contest to win a year long subscription to their toolset. Second place won a six-month subscription and third through tenth won a RavenHunt t-shirt.

I came in third. I may have won the first t-shirt, but I felt like the first loser for missing out on the big prizes.

This time around the prizes are even BIGGER. First place wins:

Here are some quick facts about the RavenHunt contest:

  • RavenHunt is free for anyone and you can start playing at any time
  • There are two RavenHunt clues released each day
  • The object of RavenHunt is to collect the secret letters you find when you solve riddles
  • On Friday, the second RavenHunt clue will include a form for you to input the unscrambled secret word (using the secret letters you found)
  • You need to follow Raven’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to be updated on when clues are released

I’ve already mentioned what the first place winner is and here are the rest of the prizes.

Second Place:

  • 6 month Pro subscription to Raven
  • Official RavenHunt t-shirt


  • Official RavenHunt t-shirt

Get out there and get playing! It’s super easy and lots of fun. RavenHunt takes you through some of the industry’s most popular blogs and posts and addresses hot issues. And, if you win a bonus prize, you get to squish Matt Cutts’ head all day long too.

Twitter Support – Opening a New Ticket

It never occured to me until today how hard it is to contact Twitter support with a unique request. On the Twitter Support page, they’ve got lots of information but no help on how to contact them unless you’re reporting spam (in which case you simply tweet to @spam).

After about 10 minutes of digging, I found a link that will allow you to open a new ticket for contacting Twitter support.

Without further adieu, here is the link to open a new ticket with Twitter Support.