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OS4 for iPhone, you fooled me!

I upgraded my iPhone to OS4 the other day (without drama, thank goodness). Yesterday I noticed a new icon at the top.

I thought, cool! It’s a compass pointing north! Then I realized that, from sitting at my desk at work, it was actually pointing southeast. That was my DUH moment. I realized it’s just the indicated that GPS is on. Then the other DUH moment. My 3G doesn’t have compass abilities.

Oh OS4, you did fool me there. But it’s ok, I’m smart again!

More reasons to start taking Bing seriously

It’s been over a year since the Bing search engine launched. It’s done fairly well, often beating Yahoo! in terms of market share; not surprisingly, though, it doesn’t come close to Google. However, lots of people are considering Bing to be a positive alternative to Google.

Including Facebook. Facebook may not be the first place you’d go to do a search, but if you’re looking for something on Facebook, whether or not Facebook itself has results, it offers web results served by Bing. See the screencap below.

Another area of massive potential is through Apple’s iPhone. As recent as a month ago, rumors were still swirling that Bing would become the default, but at the WWDC in June, Steve Jobs announced that Bing would simply become another choice for the default search engine.

You can choose Bing as your default search engine by going into your Settings, then choosing Safari and Search Engine.

Whether or not you personally prefer Bing over another search engine, we cannot ignore that more and more big companies are looking to Bing for their search results instead of automatically going to the giant Google.

If you haven’t given Bing a shot yet, I definitely suggest trying it and seeing how your searching experience changes from one search engine to another.