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Keeping a Consistent Social Profile

Whether you’re representing your company or yourself, it’s important to be easily recognized by a photo or image.

Think about big brand campaigns… whatever they do, their colours, fonts and graphics are the same throughout. How many times have you glanced at a billboard, web banner ad or commercial and immediately know the company because the name even appears?

Across the web when we’re Tweeting, liking things on Facebook and commenting on blogs, there are many opportunities to attach an avatar or profile picture. There are two important things to remember on this:

1) Don’t change your avatar frequently
2) Keep your avatar the same across all sites

I’m not going to address the first topic at this time, but I will say that constantly changing your avatar or profile pic is almost like wiping the slate clean – people glancing at it won’t know automatically that it’s you. Make it easy for people to recognize you and you’ll have a better time keeping their attention.

Keeping your avatar the same across all sites is trickier. It can require signing up on every site, editing your profile, uploading the photo, etc. But there’s a tool that can make this easier.

Hello Gravatar! Gravatar is an online service that allows users to associate a photo with an email address, or even many email addresses. When you use this email address to comment on blogs, sign up for social networks, etc., your profile picture will automatically show up.

Of course, the site you’re signing up for or commenting on must have Gravatar enabled, but more and more sites are on board with this. I can’t speak for all popular CMS and blogging applications, but WordPress uses Gravatar by default for blog comments.

Head one over to Gravatar and get yourself set up. Trust me, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and headaches.