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Why Bing will make you audit your meta keywords tags

Where’s that time machine? Bing is using the meta keywords tag in its ranking algorithm again.


Danny Sullivan’s The Meta Keywords Tag Lives At Bing & Why Only Spammers Should Use It article offers awesome insight from Duane Forrester of MSN.

To summarize – the meta keyword tag won’t make a huge difference, but Bing may use it to identify spammers via tag stuffing.

If you’re like me, this doesn’t change a whole lot. Personally, I haven’t used the meta keywords tag in a long time; not worth the time and effort in my opinion.

However. If you’ve got some pages that have some stuffed-to-the-nines keyword tags (for whatever reason – automation, past tactics, etc), you’ll want to audit your site(s) carefully. It’s time to clean them up. They may actually be working against you now, as a signal to Bing that you endorse spammy techniques.

It’s just good practice to use meta keywords properly (if you use it at all) but this is just one more very good reason to ensure that your pages are utilizing this tag properly. No need to draw negative attention to your site.

Simply: audit your pages’ keyword tags and clean ’em up. Get rid of them altogether or use proper and relevant keywords.