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Gifted Property Agreement

A gift, once concluded, is binding on the donor. It cannot be revoked by him unless the property has been taken away from him by fraud or improper influence. There are a few benefits that can be attributed to the gift. Since gifts are made during the life of the donor, they are beneficial if you want someone to specifically look after your properties or if you need to help someone, you can transfer your property as a gift. While there is a good chance that legal problems could garner ownership, some people make a gift certificate and avoid such litigation. The donor is the absolute owner and is in possession of the house which is located in the border: East: West: North: South The donor and the ready-to-wear are related as father and daughter. That the donor, out of natural love and affection of the donor, wants to pass on the property in question to the donor as a gift to the donor. That the donor has no other male child and has only two daughters, that the perpetrator took care of the donor at his age. That the donor also lives with the man`s family. That the donor is healthy and is not subjected to drunkenness, undue influence or coercion. All property information, such as structure. B, type of property, address, surface, location, etc., should be mentioned.

A gift is accepted when property owners as tenants with survival rights are accepted. Regardless of the contribution to the purchase price, such an act guarantees equal shares to each tenant when selling or distributing the property. Once the property has been gifted, legitimate, it will be done and cannot be revoked easily. However, according to Section 126 of the Property Transfer Act of 1882, the revocation of a gift may be permitted in certain circumstances: yes, the property obtained under the gift file may be sold. Provided you have received the property without gift deposit conditions. A mobile property, a real estate or an existing real estate, transferable, can be offered and requires a donation. With a registered gift certificate, you will help avoid any disputes that come after. A minor may be made provided that the donation to a minor is accepted on his behalf by his legal guardian. It must be accepted during the life of the donor, otherwise it would be invalidated according to property laws in India. If the gift comes with certain conditions, then the minor can accept or return the gift after reaching the age of majority. A gift is only valid if it is given out of love and affection, regardless of whether one family member/friend is taken into account to another.

Even under Section 17 of the Registration Act, 1908, it is mandatory to have a registered gift deed if you wish to transfer real estate.

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