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Readmission Agreement Serbia Eu

2. An application for readmission must be followed in writing: 2. The readmission requirement in paragraph 1 does not apply if these delays begin to date from the date of receipt of the readmission application. If there has been no response within these timeframes, the transfer is deemed approved. 1. Evidence of the conditions for the readmission of third-country nationals and stateless persons under Article 3, paragraph 1, and Article 5, paragraph 1, is provided, including by the evidence listed in Appendix 3 of this agreement; it cannot be made by false documents on the Earth`s solution. Such evidence is mutually recognised by the Member States and Serbia, without the need for further studies. The contracting parties take note of the close relations between the European Community and Iceland and Norway, in particular under the agreement of 18 May 1999 on the association of these countries in the implementation, application and development of the Schengen acquis. In these circumstances, the Republic of Serbia should conclude a readmission agreement with Iceland and Norway under the same conditions as this agreement. 3. Appendix 6 of the agreement is accompanied by a common form to use for readmission applications. 2. The enforcement protocols covered in paragraph 1 do not come into force until after the readmission committee has been informed in accordance with Article 18.

1. This agreement does not infringe on the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Community, Member States and Serbia under international law, in particular with regard to: 4. The rejection of a request for readmission is justified. 4. Serbia or a Member State may revoke any authorisation issued in the event of subsequent circumstances covered in paragraph 3, which impede transit, or where the continuation of travel to possible transit countries or readmission by the destination state is no longer assured. In this case, the requesting state withdraws, if necessary and without delay, the third country national or the stateless. 1. The contracting parties agree with each other to implement and interpret this agreement. To this end, they set up a joint readmission committee (hereafter referred to as the “committee”), whose mission is to: 5. The primacy demonstrates the conditions for the readmission of former nationals of the Federal Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia, in accordance with Article 3, paragraph 3, and which are provided in particular by the means of evidence listed in Appendix 5 of this agreement; it cannot be made by false documents on the Earth`s solution.

If such evidence is provided, Serbia considers that the conditions are to be determined, unless they meet the conditions. 4. Following a positive response by Serbia to the request for readmission, the requesting Member State issues the EU`s standard travel document to the person whose readmission has been accepted for removal (1). designated documents, certificates and invoices of any kind (e.g., hotel bills. B, appointment cards for doctors/dentists, tickets for public/private institutions, car rental contracts, credit cards, etc.) which clearly attest that the person concerned has been in the territory of the required state, 3.

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