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Trucking Dispatch Agreement

INTERPRETATION AND GOVERNING LAW This Agreement must be construed as a general permanent power under Utah law and is governed by the laws of washington State, without a choice or rule of conflict of laws (whether the State of Utah or any other jurisdiction) taking effect, which would effect the application of the laws of a jurisdiction other than that of the State of Utah. ATTORNEY`S FEES In the event of the commencement of a dispute with the application of this ACCORD, the dominant party is entitled to reasonable legal fees. JURISDICTIONS AND VENUE DISPATCH and CARRIER agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the federal and regional courts of Clark County, Washington, in connection with possible claims or controversies arising from the dispatch Agency AGREEMENT attached to it. THE CARRIER undertakes to pay DISPATCH in accordance with agreed terms, as stated in the Carrier Bonds section of this ACCORD for each completed cargo. After 30 days, the account can be entered into the pickup. A charge is considered “completed” as soon as a slatd note (BOL) has been signed by the recipient. DISPATCH charges CARRIER by email or fax in accordance with the terms of the ACCORD. The payment is made to DISPATCH by a 5% reduction in the final salary or at least $25 with the carrier billing factor service of choice or debited on the CARRIER credit card. Once the payment is processed, CARRIER receives an email confirmation. The service fee is automatically deducted from the amount DISPATCH paid to CARRIER.

In the event that the broker does not pay DISPATCH, CARRIER agrees to immediately reimburse DISPATCH an amount equal to sums that have not been paid by the broker. DISPATCH ADDITIONAL COMMISSIONS works in the defined settings of the carrier profiles section of this Dispatch Agency Agreement. In the event that DISPATCH reserves a cargo corresponding to the CARRIER`S truck booking, CARRIER agrees to pay DISPATCH, as agreed in the Carrier Obligations section of the ACCORD. NOTE: In order to avoid charges for unavailable devices, it is very important to immediately notify LEPATCH when the truck is loaded from another source.

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