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Vcu Independent Contractor Agreement

If a person is a foreign national, you will find detailed instructions and necessary forms on the Website of the World Bureau of Education before entering into an independent contract with the person. If your service requires an agreement between guests and artists, as well as an independent contractor contract, contact the purchasing services. It is the division`s responsibility to request, if necessary, a properly signed copy of the departmental data agreement. An independent contractor is an individual who has entered into a contract to supply goods or services to the university and who meets all the following criteria: RealSource eCatalogs – orders from supplier catalogues that provide the description and pricing of the resulting market. There is no need for additional support. Published price – can be used if the price is determined by the borrower`s website or from a catalog. The documentation should display a screenshot with the price or by recording the catalog page from an ongoing catalog. View Use a P. P-Card is the preferred method of purchasing goods and services under $5,000. Each purchase must be made as part of the cardholder`s transaction and monthly credit limits. Create an order in RealSource. For payments over $10,000, you send the completed ICA form before the start of services to the purchaser assigned to the university purchase. The amount of the payment must reflect the total amount of all services to be provided.

If the person is paid z.B USD 2,500/quarter, the payment amount is $10,000 – the creditor`s written documents with description of goods and/or services, price and delivery date. If prices are obtained by telephone, the person in the department receiving the offer must register the date, the name of the creditor, the name of the person providing the information, the price (including delivery/delivery costs) and the expected delivery date. Entry – obtained by the lender if the order is placed. As a general rule, P card orders purchased from the Kreditor`s business site or for online orders apply. Make sure the manufacturer is configured in RealSource for instructions. Departments receive a delegated purchasing authority for authorization to purchase goods or services without competition, provided the price is fair and reasonable up to $10,000. In order to offer services this purchasing flexibility, purchasing policies and procedures should be followed when ordering goods and services. Make sure recipients meet the above criteria. Other information provided Compensation (payment) Staff Commonwealth University of Virginia. Current VCU students can be paid as independent contractors as long as they meet all the criteria. Bill – should generally not be used as a support documentation, sinceRealSource is the control system.

Can be used for some subscription renewal purchases, contributions, etc. Since many spokesperson and artist contracts require travel consideration, it is preferable to include travel costs in the overall contract price rather than paying the cost to the speaker or artist. Inseminated the estimated transportation, accommodation, food and other costs in the total contract price and let the spokesperson or artist meet his or her own travel arrangements. If the departments decide not to do so, the spokesperson or artist must travel in accordance with the VCU travel guidelines.

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