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Latam Delta Agreement

Tickets previously purchased are not affected by any changes to these agreements. The codeshare agreement signed by the airlines on May 25 provides for airlines to fly between the United States and Chile on the basis of other airlines, both inside and outside the United States. The agreement also applies to flights operated by the US regional airlines SkyWest Airlines, Republic Airways and Endeavor Air of Delta Connection. What if I cashed a ticket with LATAM Pass Miles before April 30, 2020 for an American Airlines flight after that date (if there is no loyalty agreement with American Airlines) and I want to change the flight date? While LATAM remains a oneworld member, you can continue to win and trade with other Allianz airlines. After we leave oneworld, we plan to maintain bilateral agreements with other airlines. Any relevant changes are communicated in a timely manner. Can I buy a ticket for the delta flight after the contract is executed, then I can earn LATAM passport miles and qualifying points? The bilateral codeshare agreement with American Airlines expires on January 31, 2020. Not all tickets already purchased for American Airlines flights are affected. Since Delta and LATAM announced their first framework agreement in September 2019, they have reached a number of milestones with benefits for customers, including: reciprocal accumulation/exchange of loyalty miles; The mutual benefits of the elite; Code-sharing on selected routes common terminals at hub airports; and reciprocal access to 35 Delta Sky Club lounges in the United States and five LATAM VIP lounges in South America. The DOT has now accepted the application under a number of conditions.

Among the conditions, delta or LATAM must notify the department at least 30 days before the launch of a codeshare route and that “all applicable agreements” must be in place between the United States and all affected third countries. The proposed agreement “will allow Delta and LATAM Airlines to offer valuable code-sharing services between the United States and Chile and third countries that will enhance airline competition on international routes for the benefit of passengers and shippers and develop the Delta and LATAM Airlines networks,” he said. When does the codeshare agreement with Delta begin? Delta completed the acquisition of a 20% stake in Chilean LATAM at the end of December, as code sharing has been closed since the launch between Delta and LATAM`s subsidiaries in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Prior to the release of COVID-19, airlines said the agreements would allow passengers to have better connectivity on 74 subsequent flights in the United States and up to 51 flights in South America. While you can currently book many Delta and LATAM codeshare flights online, more flights will be released in the coming months, with the joint venture agreement approved by other South American governments. LATAM intends to maintain its agreements with other oneworld members when it leaves the alliance (with the exception of the current loyalty program contract with American Airlines). As of April 1, thanks to their initial codeshare agreement, Delta and LATAM members can earn and redeem miles on each other`s flights.

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