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Corporate Culture – Is it important?

I’ve worked in a wide variety of industries since getting my first job as a dishwasher in a Niagara winery at 15. I’ve seen great management, poor management. Companies of 10,000+ employees, companies of 4-5 employees.

Moving into the new millennium, the buzz words “corporate culture” became more prominent. Now, maybe it just seems that way to me as I finished up with my post-secondary education in 2003, but as I looked at various companies, many seemed to tout their fantastic corporate culture.

In February 2007, I began working for the company that might be the pinnacle of corporate culture – WestJet Airlines. WestJet has won Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Culture award for several years and is an extremely strong brand north of the 49th.

But as I’ve been with them for almost two years I realize that there are so many levels to corporate culture. Particularly for a company with thousands of employees. Perhaps the focus of a great corporate culture goes first to the front-line employees. Makes sense, since these are the people who represent the company day after day to so many people. I can understand that. But I urge companies to remember their corporate staff.

It’s great to have a strong corporate culture. But if you’re going to talk the talk, walk the walk! Make sure every employee in your company is feeling the culture love. Review your missions and values and make sure it still represents who you are and what you represent. And get your employees’ support! They’re the ones who fuel the real culture.

Wow DHL how NOT to make a good first impression!

On the weekend, I placed an order from Hershey’s for our wedding. I’m certainly not in a rush for is as the wedding is still 81 days away. Anyhow, to my surprise, DHL’s tracking said that it’s out for delivery today.

When I got home, I see that the status has changed to “delivery attempted; recipient not at home”. Hmm, weird, seeing as how my fiance works from our apartment. He said there were no calls from anyone other than his work stuff. Okay, fine, maybe something’s up with the buzzer (which I doubt since we had pizza delivered last night and it was fine then).

So I hop online, find a 1-888 number which I try and cannot get through. So then I try their online chat, nice guy named Samuel. I explain to him the situation and he looks it up. Tells me that delivery was attempted but no one was home. Duh. I already know that’s what their system says. He gives me a 604 number (Vancouver). Yeah, I live in Calgary. I try not to be annoyed that I have to call long distance, since I have digital phone and it’s not an issue.

But the chick that answers the phone! Wow! Attitude city. I tell her that I understand that delivery was attempted but my fiance was home all day and there was no attempt – there was also no slip left with notification. She then (very snotty) asks: “well then how did you know they attempted delivery?” Uh, your tracking web site dear. I know Call Centres and web teams are often far removed, but don’t tell me you don’t know there’s a tracking site. She puts me on hold and again tells me what I already know.

The kicker is that each time I said “my fiance was home all day” she says “okay so I have down that your parents were home all day”. THREE TIMES that happened. Fiance and parents don’t exactly sound the same. I know I sound young, but come on.

So the call ends with her filing a complaint (which I said I didn’t want to do – I just wanted to know where my CHOCOLATE is, hope that it’s not melting somewhere) and she tells me that their tracking department will call me back.

Wow. I don’t think I’ll EVER voluntarily use DHL. UPS does just fine for me.

Hey FlightStats – great customer service!

Not three hours after I posted last month about the incorrect spelling of WestJet in Google’s flight tracking (supplied by I received an email from Conducive Technology Corp’s CEO Jeff Kennedy. He stated that the spelling error had been corrected and would be updated within a few hours.

Actually for a few days the actual word “WestJet” didn’t show up at all, but now I am pleased to say that WestJet is spelled correctly in Google’s FlightStats results.

Thanks to Jeff and the FlightStats team for doing what more people should – watching the web and blogs for any mention of their company name, and going into action when something needs to be done.