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Set your goal – Get people to pledge you!

Friends of a friend have started a new Facebook Page called “SurPRIZE Me”.

The page encourages people to set a goal and get people to pledge them if they succeed.

The pledge can be anything! Be creative!

My goal is to get this page 100 new likes and goals by the end of August.

So come on over and set up your goal. Meet new people around the world and see what your friends are willing to do for you when you’ve achieved that thing you’ve been putting off.

Here is some information:

SurPRIZE Me is a network of people rewarding one another for completing their goals.

HOW IT WORKS: Read the list of goals that you see on this page. If you want to help someone accomplish their goal, pledge to do something for this person. If you want to list your goal to start getting pledges, message me.

If someone pledges for you, make sure to pledge for them. Pledges can be anything you can think of from real to virtual.

Examples of Pledges:

  • “If you complete your goal, I pledge to tell all of my facebook friends about the awesome job you did”
  • “If you complete your goal, I pledge to take you to the movies.”
  • “If you complete your goal, I pledge to wash your car for you”
  • “If you complete your goal, I pledge to give you a dollar!”

Pledges can be anything as long as they are supportive.

SurPRIZE me pledge network on Facebook