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Hey FlightStats – great customer service!

Not three hours after I posted last month about the incorrect spelling of WestJet in Google’s flight tracking (supplied by I received an email from Conducive Technology Corp’s CEO Jeff Kennedy. He stated that the spelling error had been corrected and would be updated within a few hours.

Actually for a few days the actual word “WestJet” didn’t show up at all, but now I am pleased to say that WestJet is spelled correctly in Google’s FlightStats results.

Thanks to Jeff and the FlightStats team for doing what more people should – watching the web and blogs for any mention of their company name, and going into action when something needs to be done.

dmoz returning from the grave

After a few months of being in a complete coma-induced state, dmoz appears to be showing signs of life.

Now, it’s only the Editor’s Section that’s back online, but submissions should be soon to follow, right?  I don’t mind that the editors have some time for theirselves first.  Clear out some old crap, some of those submissions that have been sitting in the queue for probably close to year, maybe even more.  Or hey – wipe out existing pending submissions altogether and start with a clean slate.

But the question remains – what kind of credibility will dmoz even have after such a long absense?  Do webmasters and SEOs even bother attempting to submit anymore?  Everyone knows that dmoz can be a game of “who you know and how much you pay them”.  Will we see some changes in the ODP world?

What Google Toolbar PR Update?

Some people reported seeing the Google Toolbar PageRank updating as early as Friday, and Matt has confirmed it on his blog today.

But I see nothing. Now that’s frustrating. If you’re gonna “push the big red button”, why not implement the update across all datacenters? What’s the point of only doing a few at a time – or only a few and that’s it?

Now, I’ve been at this game long enough to know that TBPR doesn’t mean too much in the grand scheme of things, but its nice to know that my link structure is being appreciated. Is that so much to ask?