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Twitter Support – Opening a New Ticket

It never occured to me until today how hard it is to contact Twitter support with a unique request. On the Twitter Support page, they’ve got lots of information but no help on how to contact them unless you’re reporting spam (in which case you simply tweet to @spam).

After about 10 minutes of digging, I found a link that will allow you to open a new ticket for contacting Twitter support.

Without further adieu, here is the link to open a new ticket with Twitter Support.

Google Profile – Personalized URLs and Crawlable Links

Google Profiles are a new and, in my opinion, underused resource. Perhaps you didn’t like it because of the unfriendly URL, but you can now get your very own vanity URL with your Google username.


And wait! What’s that? Adding links? And these links are crawlable?

Google Profile lets you add links with whatever anchor text you decide – and as of right now there is no rel=nofollow attached to those links. They do give you some guidances – “Examples: Online photo albums, social network profiles, personal websites” – as a fallback, I would assume, for those who may will try to manipulate it.

Twitter and brand name squatting

Twitter and brand name squatting

Twitter is finally starting to get some serious recognition as a legitimate social networking tool for companies big and small. And well it should. I’ve been preaching the greatness of Twitter for sometime now, even though I myself have only been an active user for just under a year.

Realizing the positive impact that Twitter can have on a company’s online visibility, I decided that I would start an account for WestJet. When I went to register the account, I wasn’t really surprised to see that @westjet was already taken – WestJet is a major brand here in Canada. Unfortunately, I had yet to hear about any other companies having success reclaiming their brands, and so I contented myself with the account @westjet_sales and went on with my project.

Does blogging make you a better SEO?

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that I’m not much of a writer, given the frequency of updates to this blog. In fact, I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m a numbers girl. Absolutely left-brained.  Writing is not my strongest suit.

Does that mean I’m not as good at search engine optimization?  Not at all.  For all the time I could spend writing blog posts, I instead spend time reading up other people’s content, learning and absorbing as much as I can. I just don’t feel the need to repeat what’s already being said elsewhere.

Christmas 2008 won't be a quiet one

Less than four weeks ago, my American friends celebrated Thanksgiving.  I sat at work thinking it would be a very quiet day on Twitter, but in reality it may have been one of the busiest.

I couldn’t believe how many people were actively tweeting about their grand Thanksgiving meals, their delicious Thanksgiving spirits, and the amusing tweets that followed.  It was highly entertaining for me, stuck at work drooling over pictures of turkey, mashed potatoes… yummmmm…

The New Spam

I am currently in Dallas doing some training, and on my lunch break I decided to check out my Facebook profile and see what’s new.

Sitting in my “Requests” area are five group invitations… invitations to things like “if X many people join this group, I’ll do Y”.  It is a very definite reminder of spam emails like “if you don’t send this email to X many people, Y will happen!!”.

What a Super Proposal!

So, I’m a football fan. Moreso of the Canadian Football League, but this year I’ve definately been getting into the NFL quite a bit more.

I’m reading about this guy, JP, who is trying to raise money to buy a 30 second ad during the SuperBowl to propose to his girlfriend. Now, let’s be fair here. JP is his alias – obviously, this is creating buzz and he doesn’t want his girlfriend to find out. Certainly JP could be just about anyone right?