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No more wait for Google Analytics

The Google Analytics blog announced today that you no longer have to wait to start up an Analytics account.

Brett Crosby talks about the ways to set up your Google Analytics, formerly Urchin, account – either by going to Google Analytics’ home page or by using the Analytics tab in your AdWords account.

I’ve been using Google Analytics for close to a year now, and it has been great in offering all the stats I want to see. I’ve used it for e-commerce sites, call-to-action sites, blogs, and informational sites. I love being able to cross reference data, and the referral data is very specific.

I’m also noticing that the maximum number of sites I can use my account for has doubled from five to ten. This will help avoid needing a new Google account when I’ve run out of available sites.

If you haven’t signed yourself up for a Google Analytics account yet, go for it. It’s free, easy to use, and if you don’t like it just remove the JavaScript code from your site.