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Win an Apple iPad by Playing RavenHunt by Raven Tools!

Last month, Raven Tools launched a contest to win a year long subscription to their toolset. Second place won a six-month subscription and third through tenth won a RavenHunt t-shirt.

I came in third. I may have won the first t-shirt, but I felt like the first loser for missing out on the big prizes.

This time around the prizes are even BIGGER. First place wins:

Here are some quick facts about the RavenHunt contest:

  • RavenHunt is free for anyone and you can start playing at any time
  • There are two RavenHunt clues released each day
  • The object of RavenHunt is to collect the secret letters you find when you solve riddles
  • On Friday, the second RavenHunt clue will include a form for you to input the unscrambled secret word (using the secret letters you found)
  • You need to follow Raven’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to be updated on when clues are released

I’ve already mentioned what the first place winner is and here are the rest of the prizes.

Second Place:

  • 6 month Pro subscription to Raven
  • Official RavenHunt t-shirt


  • Official RavenHunt t-shirt

Get out there and get playing! It’s super easy and lots of fun. RavenHunt takes you through some of the industry’s most popular blogs and posts and addresses hot issues. And, if you win a bonus prize, you get to squish Matt Cutts’ head all day long too.

PubCon: Raven Tools Demo

Raven Tools SEO ToolsWe’re having some technical difficulties but @RavenJon promises we will have a demo.

Jon is showing off his desktop background, a Henshaw original painting.

And now he just yelled at me to pay attention. In the mic. Hmph.

Jon explains how the tool got started, dealing with the tedious tasks and made it into an automated process. Now the Raven tools are growing and growing with lots of new features all the time.

Whether you’re agency or in-house, it can help you manage your campaigns and keep track of your sites, help with keyword and competitive research, link building, contacts, content management, social media monitoring, search engine rankings, Google analytics integration and more.

In Raven, you can set up profiles and within those profiles you can manage one or many sites.

The dashboard has all the web sites for that profile with quick links and options for each.


The research assistant tool allows you to research your own or competitors by domain or by keyword

  • In Jon’s example, he uses “seo tools” as the keyword which returns related keywords, CPC, number of results, volume, etc. What’s awesome about this tool is how it allows you to add the keywords to your manager or SERP tracker with one click.
  • Click Save View to see this later or run a report on it.
  • Also in the research assistant is the Page Analyzer tool. Enter a URL and it will find relationships and ideas in regards to location, businesses, people and keywords.


Keyword Manager

  • Includes Google AdWords data, links and SERP tracking for your keywords.

Competitor Manager

  • Compare your site rankings with your competitors. You can also set up alerts if anything changes for you or your competitors.

Event Manager

  • Add events like newsletters, publications, etc., and overlay that event onto your other reports (like traffic, SERP traffic).

Raven reports are downloaded to branded PDF documents. (awesomesauce!!)


  • Take the domain that you want a link from and run it in the quality analyzer report and the tool will give a grade out of 100.
  • If you decide you want that link, click “add link” on the toolbar (when you’re on that site) and fill in the details. Tons of options, including assigning that link to someone else.
  • Sorts your links by status (queued, requested, active, etc.)
  • The Web Site Directory will get you tons more information about the site you flagged for a link.
  • Contact them for a link
  • Once it’s online, click “add link” again and update the status to Active.

Other options:

  • Link status (check every month to see if anything has changed)
  • PR change, Nofollow, Link removed, Etc.
  • Email alerts

Jon went through the notification and alert options – totally customizable.

Jon mentioned that all reports can be exported; you don’t have to use their reports.


Content manager

  • Useful for a copywriter to save content to and then have someone else approve it.

Blog manager

  • Put in blog posts and schedule them for publishing


Persona Manager

  • Great for more than one social persona (other employees, corporate personas, etc.)
  • You can log into your social network sites from the toolbar
  • Twitter module is available for extra data about that account. You can also tweet from this manager. Custom URL shorteners will be available in Q1.

Social Media Monitor

  • Partnered with social mention
  • Set up as many searches as you want (your own or competitors), pick sources and choose whether or not to be alerted daily
  • Report show buzz, sentiment graph, daily mentions etc.
  • For each result, choose a sentiment and the sentiment graph will update


  • Integration with this tool, further integration hopefully coming


  • Search forums using keywords


SERP Tracker

  • Compare competitor SERP ranking side by side
  • Change display settings (turn on/off competitors, search engines, Google AdWord data, baseline data)
  • Trending available for up to six months of data. Cached results available!

Jon stealthily showed what search engines are available for this tool.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics data is imported into the Raven reporting tool. Overlay trendlines and events over the GA data.

Report Wizard

  • Report settings include report name, brand template, report template, scheduling options and date range. Choose to email the reports directly to the client.
  • Drag and drop report pieces and drag them around to choose order.
  • Reporting options galore. Far too many to be able to mention here.
  • All report sections have an option to add summaries.
  • Jon says you can templatize these reports. Is that a word? If not, it should be.


  • Add users and roles and the user will only see the modules they have access to.
  • Rolls apply per web site.
  • JavaScript snippit available to allow for user login access.

Other Stuff

Messaging, tasks, contacts and more!

Aaaaand we’re done. Kickin’ ass and taking names. Or business cards.

Sitemaps – Now Webmaster Central

One thing I missed in my last post is that Google Sitemaps has been renamed to Google Webmaster Central. Definitely more appropriate, but far too many syllables.

The Preferred Domain tool, which apparently was called such because Danny Sullivan can’t pronounce “canonical” is in fact to cure canonical issues. I know a lot of people will be happy about that.


I’ll head to the convention center shortly to register for SES, but I see that while I was sleeping like a baby, Matt Cutts posted a “12 Tips for SES” video.

While watching, he mentions that Google Sitemaps rolled out some new features on Friday. Sure enough! The first thing I noticed is a “Preferred Domain” tool.

This tool allows you to choose whether you want all indexed pages to appear as, or vice versa.

Will this really help with the ever-causing-headache canonical issues? Or will it just make the SERPs look pretty and consistent? I’ll let you know after the Lunch with the Google Sitemaps team today.

In the meantime, here are some screen caps for your enjoyment.