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Hey Air Travellers – Keep Your Shoes On

shoes-largeHey good news for those who travel by air frequently, or even infrequently! Canadian Air Transport Security Authority issued a bulletin to front-line officers outlining the new policy.

Security officials can no longer require you to remove your shoes before passing through the metal detectors. This means no more scrambling to get your shoes off while holding up impatient people in line behind you. No more embarrassment over your mismatched socks or socks with the big hole that your toe pokes out of.

One exception and this should come as no shock to anyone – passengers heading to the United States. The standards set by Washington overrule the new Canadian policy.

SMX Advanced and SES Toronto

It was a bit odd at first to go from traveling somewhere almost every weekend to not going anywhere in three months. I admit, it’s been nice, but I’m feeling the itch to get out out of Winnipeg lately!

Good thing it’s almost June. I’m attending back to back conferences next week. From June 2-3, it’s Search Marketing Expo Advanced in Seattle and from June 8-9, it’s Search Engine Strategies in Toronto.



Okay I work for an airline, and I’d say I fly anywhere from 6-10 times in a month. Most of the time that’s standby so I do a LOT of airport waiting.

You’d think airports might take into consideration that travellers are often tired, and possibly stressed or irate because of flight delays, cancellations, etc.

Right now I’m sitting at the Buffalo International Airport, thanking the good Lord that I found an unused plug and can just work with my headphones on. Why? Apparently someone decided it would be a good idea to have ALL the carts that have to drive through the terminal have a constant “BEEEEEEP BEEEEEEP”, like a reverse indicator. Really, wouldn’t a horn suffice? Just use it as needed.

Google includes flight info in search results

For a while, Google’s flight tracker tool has allowed searchers to enter an airline’s flight number, showing a link to that flight’s updated information on

Google announced yesterday that it is now included those flight stats right in the search results. See below for WestJet’s flight WS 208:

WestJet WS 208 Cheap flights

This is great for the user – a simple and effective way to find out if his or her flight is on time. Of course, WestJet guests also have the option of visiting’s Flight Tracker to find out the status of flights.

Transborder Travel

Well, first of all, I had an absolutely fabulous week in Las Vegas. As soon as I got on the plane to come home, however, the fatigue and hunger I’d been ignoring all week hit me. All of the sudden I regretted choosing a flight that connected in Vancouver.

As I deplaned in Vancouver I hurried along my way, hoping to get to my next gate with enough plenty of time to enjoy Vancouver Airport’s traveller’s lounge (complete with hot buffet, WiFi and comfy leather seats). I knew I had to pass through customs, but it shouldn’t be too bad right?

Tales of the San Jose Airport

Not really knowing what to expect, I planned to arrive at the airport for my flight home to Winnipeg nice and early.

As the taxi rounded the airport and we passed Terminal 1, the line for Southwest was outrageously long. I’m thinking to myself, WOW am I ever glad I’m three hours early.

But then we got to the United area of Terminal 3 and no one is waiting. Well that’s good anyway.

I cleared security at about 8:30, but the flight doesn’t leave until 10:55. Looooooooong wait. But thankfully I found a seat next to a plug and forked over $10 for Internet access until we depart.

Internet at the Hilton San Jose

I haven’t taken my laptop down to the WIFI spots here at the Hilton yet – frankly, my laptop is a piece of crap so I’m leaving it in my room.

I was rather disappointed to learn that not only is WIFI not available in the guestrooms, but wired high speed internet is not free. Okay, so I pay my $53 or whatever it is, and am happy because I’m at least connected for the rest of my stay.