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Rogers, what are you thinking?

For as long as they’ve been around, Google has prided itself on having a nice clean home page. Users have the option of signing up for iGoogle, a personalized home page if they so wish. But by default a visitor is served the classic clean home page.

Here in Canada, we really don’t have a lot of choices for reliable DSL or Cable Internet. Bell, Telus, Rogers, and Shaw are probably the biggest… I can’t even think of anyone else right now.

Lauren Weinstein posted recently what her Google classic home page looks like – thanks to his service provider Rogers, gone is that nice clean home page. Rogers is implementing a test interception page – without the approval of Google, I might add.

This is cause for great concern – if ISPs are able to hack into web pages without the host even knowing, what’s next? Will we be inundated with ads and banners that we cannot opt out of? Is the information we’re obtaining really secure?

In case you’re wondering, Rogers HAS confirmed this.