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Hey Air Travellers – Keep Your Shoes On

shoes-largeHey good news for those who travel by air frequently, or even infrequently! Canadian Air Transport Security Authority issued a bulletin to front-line officers outlining the new policy.

Security officials can no longer require you to remove your shoes before passing through the metal detectors. This means no more scrambling to get your shoes off while holding up impatient people in line behind you. No more embarrassment over your mismatched socks or socks with the big hole that your toe pokes out of.

One exception and this should come as no shock to anyone – passengers heading to the United States. The standards set by Washington overrule the new Canadian policy.

Leveraging Local Search

The Great City of WinnipegOne of the common misconceptions about search engine optimization is that it cannot be geotargeted. While it’s not as simple as paid search, where you can go into your AdWords settings and say “I want my ads to appear only for people in these geographical areas”, it is still very possible to narrow down your organic market.

Think of your own search behaviours. If you’re looking for a locksmith and you live in Winnipeg, you’re probably going to going to type “locksmith winnipeg” to ensure that the results you get are in fact located in Winnipeg.

The Big List of Search Engine Optimization DON’TS – Part 2

Continued from Part 1 last week.

Don’t try to get hundreds or thousands of links at once (especially paid or automated)
Nothing says “I’m a brand new site trying to rank really fast” by gathering a ton of links at once. The important thing to note here is intent. If you’ve got something that’s got viral and are getting tons of links in a natural state, you’re not going to have a problem. But if you’ve gone after a bunch of links from “easy” places, chances are the search engines know about them and aren’t going to assign any value anyway.

The Big List of Search Engine Optimization DON’TS – Part 1

Search Engine Optimization is still one of the most under-appreciated elements of web development. Time and time again I see sites that either have only bits and pieces of SEO effort implemented, none at all or worse – SEO that has been done all wrong.

At Search Engine Strategies Toronto in 2007 and 2008 I spoke on the topic of SEO Don’ts Myths and Scams. I covered the “don’ts” part of the panel and that’s what I’m going to share with you now.

Nice to meet you Microsoft Bing. BING!

bing-logoAbout six weeks ago, Microsoft launched their new search engine – Bing. Well, okay, I don’t know if I can really say NEW. It’s actually Microsoft’s third attempt at a search engine.

Bing will be replacing Live search, and that process is almost complete. So far the reviews have been very positive. Less spam, more targeted results, great universal search options.

If you haven’t had a chance to try Bing, I highly suggest you do so. It will definitely be interesting to watch how Bing’s market share will inevitably grow.

Twitter Trends

twitter-trending-topicsTwitter is such a fantastic tool for a wide variety of reasons. Today I want to focus on trending topics.

On the right side bar of Twitter, Trending Topics list ten words or phrases that are currently the most commonly mentioned on Twitter. The image to the right is a screen cap I took of the Trending Topics around 11:00 am CDT today, Tuesday, July 7 2009. As you can see, five of the ten topics that are trending are related to Michael Jackson’s memorial that is taking place today.

The Truth about Google PageRank

Whether you know a little or a lot about search engine optimization, chances are you know about Google PageRank. And, depending on how new you are, you probably use it as a real gauge for evaluating other sites.

PageRank indicates how Google views the importance of a page. It looks at the number and quality of links pointing to a certain page. Consider these “votes” to a page. The more votes, especially from pages that already have a high PageRank score. PageRank is scored on a scale of 0-10, 10 being the highest.

Friday Afternoon

It’s 4:30 on Friday afternoon… about to close out a beautiful week of weather here in Winnipeg. Except that it’s pouring rain right now. I suppose we were due. Too bad though, I was hoping to try out my new roller blades this afternoon.

I’m posting on a new blog – The Tipping Glass. It’s a fun place of random posts with a few bursts of pure inspiration. Go check it out.

Another place I’m blogging regularly is at the Canada’s Web Shop Blog. No real surprise there since I’m the Director of Online Marketing.

Critiquing Your Web Site

Remember in school when you tried to proofread your own essays and how hard that was? Seems like you always missed some of the biggest errors.

It’s very similar with critiquing your own web site. When you’ve poured blood sweat and tears (and maybe even a sprained ankle from kicking your computer) into your site, it’s hard to see some of the improvements that may be obvious to the objective visitor.

Still, it’s very important to take the time to take a fine-tooth comb to all aspects of your site. Some things to look at:

  • Navigation

Learning From the Best

This week, I had the pleasure of attending Search Marketing Expo’s Advanced conference in Seattle. I always enjoy meeting new people and catching up with old friends I’ve met over the years. Every time, I’m reminded how great it is to be in an industry with so many brilliant minds. Brilliant minds that I get to pick no less!

The sessions are always jam packed with fantastic information, but I really enjoy meeting the people face-to-face and talking about the issues. It’s important to hear other options and suggestions as it really challenges the way you yourself interpret things.